Who We Are

AK Group is a retained professional search firm dedicated to providing a high level of service and loyalty to our customers.

Our culture is built on the foundation of integrity and performance.

Established in 1999 AK Group is currently providing professional search services to the biopharmaceutical, and energy sectors in North America.

Our Value Proposition

  • Expert Job Analysis
  • Extensive knowledge of your market
  • Efficient recruitment of top performers who are not actively seeking new employment
  • Reduced cycle time through fully integrated social media platforms; software systems; database and project management tools
  • Psychological assessment to ensure fit to required competencies.
The Art of Recruitment, the Science of Assessment and the Synergy of Selection
"The world of work is changing fast and the most important thing to do is realize that the old playbooks, especially around talent management, will not work — now, it's time to adapt. Leaders should focus on three big shifts that will set their businesses up for new levels of success in the age of AI. They should: 1) redefine jobs as a collection of a skills and tasks, not titles, 2) bring skills and workforce learning to the center of talent management, and 3) embrace AI to focus teams on human-to-human collaboration."
Harvard Business Review December 2023